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HOMETOWN: Wayne, New Jersey

FAVORITE MOVIE: Notting Hill. A great movie about how nothing is really out of our reach.

MARCIA, JAN or CINDY:  Jan – by far the most under-rated and under-appreciated of all the Brady sisters.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Taylor Swift. No matter how hard I try, I can’t hate every one of her songs.

SOMETHING FEW PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT ME: I played guitar and wrote songs in a Manhattan-based indie-rock band for 8 years after college.  Suit by day, ripped jeans by night. I never made a dime but the memories and friendships are priceless.

CELEBRITY RETREAT: Beaver Creek, Colorado

CHILDHOOD NICKNAME:  Tender (An abbreviated form of my last name and a popular doll from the 1970s.)

LAST BOOK I READ: “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell.  I’d recommend any of his books to those interested in pop-psych insights as to why people operate in the strange and interesting ways in which they do.



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