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The Worst Question, Ever.

“ much did you want to spend?”

Or maybe, “Do you have a budget?”  There’s also the subtle and diplomatic, “What type of investment were you considering?”

However you’ve heard it, if you’ve been planning your event for a while now, you’ve been asked this question a bunch. If florals is your first-stop, then let me warn you: you’re going to get asked this a lot.

Years ago, I cringed when a salesperson asked me this. I mean, maybe I don’t know my budget. Or maybe I know it, but if I tell you, you’re going to grab every penny out of my pocket, then go back in and rip out the lint. I’ll let you know my budget when I’m good and ready, thank you.  In the wisdom of my years, I’ve learned that….well, the question needs to be asked. I mean, we can give you a $20,000 floral package or a $1,000 one. If your budget is closer to the latter and we show you $5,000 packages, then we just wasted your time. You’re planning a huge event! You don’t have time for that.

If you don’t know your budget and you don’t know flowers the way we do – no problem. We’ve got some packages designed at various price points to give you an idea of what you can get for your hard-earned money. We’d be very happy to walk you through them.  If you know your budget – lay it on us! Don’t be afraid. We’ll make sure we stuff it with as much as we can so that you get your hard-earned money’s worth.

Bottom line? Sales people ask this question because they want to make sure they propose a product that’s right for you. They don’t want to waste your time anymore than they want to waste theirs – so they want to get it right the first time.

And for the record, we’d be over the moon to have you choose us as your floral provider - no matter what you’re looking to spend.


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