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That’s us to the right – an eclectic mix of friends, artists and event designers.  We’ve been crafting floral arrangements, designing tablescapes and blending colors and styles for special occasions for over 25 years.  And we love what we do.

If you’re planning an event that’s months away, we’re going to be spending some time together. So it’s important you know a little bit about who we are - don’t you think?  Click on any one of us below and find out a little bit about what makes us tick.

Meet Steve                        Meet Jill

Meet Kim                          Meet Kerry


We could easily fill the rest of this space by telling you how honored we would be to provide flowers for your wedding or help you theme your company’s holiday party.  We could lay on the platitudes about how we want to “make all of your dreams come true.”

Certainly all that’s true.  

But really – we just want to make you happy.  It’s as simple as that. 

It starts and ends with you.


Meet Us

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