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Centerpieces & Arrangements

Nothing WOWS a guest more than a well-crafted centerpiece.  The crown-jewel of every table, centerpieces can be high, low, simple or complex.  No matter your tastes, our artists thrive on imagining designs that appear both innovative and classic.  Well-imagined, interesting, traditional and beautiful.  Beyond the centerpiece is the entire tablescape – the linens, the color and the décor.  If you have the ambition, we can deliver to you imagery that will last a lifetime.

Nothing accents the ordinary quite like a beautiful display of flowers.  Chupahs, wedding arches, cake-tops – they all take on new a vibrant new life of color and style.  We’ve done it all and we love a challenge.  Need something highlighted with color?  Let us at it – we’ll craft something unique and extraordinary.


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